Humbled in Hilo

Yesterday the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima concluded her time on the Big Island with a stop at St. Joseph Church in Hilo.

Rose Nunogawa (wife of the late Deacon Jerry Nunogawa) reflected on how “humbling” it was for East Hawaii parishioners to be in the presence of the “life-like” statue of the Blessed Mother:

I first saw her in the van as they came to meet us for the motorcade to the church…It was definitely a sight to behold… tears spilled and the significance of Our Lady rushed into my mind and especially into my heart!!!  Since hearing about the 100th anniversary year she has been close in thought and prayer. Today seeing the 70-year-old, life-like statue of Our Lady,  I felt honored to be in her presence.

Today was special for St. Joseph Church, as host, and all the participants of the East Hawaii vicariate.

The thought of her being with us here in Hilo, and of the millions of people laying eyes on her, and the years and years of traveling carrying a message so critical to us today was heart-felt and humbling.

Rose submitted this photo of her and her sister, Bernadette Tomas, with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima:


We’re expecting additional images from Hilo soon. Once those are in, we’ll be sure to post them for you to enjoy.

At the moment, Our Lady is on Kauai. Those who wish to venerate the statue and take part in Mass, benediction/adoration, scriptural rosary and a coronation ceremony can head to St. Catherine Church in Kapaa, 5:30-9:30 p.m. Contact Father Anthony Rapozo, St. Catherine pastor, at or 822-7900 for details.

Tomorrow she will head to Maui, where beginning at 10 a.m., parishioners can venerate her at Holy Rosary Church in Paia. Father Jojo Alnas has more information at or 579-9551.




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